10 Mart 2015 Salı

Unhappy - Words Are Useless Now Part I (Instrumental Demo-2015)


01-Words Are Useless Now
02-My Brother Winter, My Enemy Summer
03-Numb And Almost Dead
04-Job 3:3-26
05-And Your Life Is Just A Short Time Between Autumn And Winter

3 Mart 2015 Salı

Unhappy - Inner Darkness - 2015

01-Fucking Suicidal Winter
02-My Lost Grave
03-Black Snow
04- Black Sun
05-Black Rain
06-Black Earth
07-In The Black Lake Of Sorrow And Loneliness
08-Time to Die (And I'm Ready to Fall)
09-Ballad of Loneliness and Grief
10-Just An Ordinary Funeral March
11- May The Day Of My Birth Perish
12-And I Concluded The Dead Are Better Off Than The Living
13-This is Hell
14-Past is Still Your Enemy (And You Better Run)
15-On The Verge Of Suicide
16-Suicide Lullaby II
17-Inner Darkness
18-Creep (Radiohead Cover)


My Dark Ambient/Noise Side Project

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    4 yıl önce

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